Friday, September 02, 2005

The creation of the name ‘Crazy Monkey’

Prior to 1999 the CM® Defense Program was not named yet. One of my students had gone away on a Safari; he returned after his trip to the gym only to proclaim, “Even the monkey’s do it!” Obviously we where both confused and interested in what he meant. It turns out that during his Safari they cam upon a troop of monkeys sitting under a tree. While they where watching them a fight ensued. The one Monkey in anticipation of the oncoming assault proceeded to defend himself by vigorously running his hands over the top of his head (A resemblance shared with the current CM® structure). Needless to say the name stuck, if not more than a joke than meant to be serious. If I had to rename it today I would call it simply the three-point defense as it protects the head with the elbow, hand and shoulder.

Rodney King