Friday, September 02, 2005

The Crazy Monkey (CM®) Defense Program Introduction

The Crazy Monkey (CM®) Defense Program was born out of my frustration with the traditional forms of defense taught to me in boxing and other martial art styles. The aspect I was most aware of was that the first defensive moves taught in boxing to beginners where catch and parry which led the person using them to reach for punches. The obvious consequence of this was that you more often than not left your face wide open and exposed it for straight-line counterpunches and hooks. This could be avoided to some degree if one knew how to slip, duck, bob and weave punches, but we all know how difficult that skill is to acquire and is definitely not something a beginner is able to do with much confidence right away! Added to this boxing also afforded you the opportunity to use the size and padding of the glove in defense. Gloves when held to your face often made it more difficult for someone to score punches to that area. However once gloves where taken off and you where left only with your bear hands it became even more apparent that without the added protection of the glove, defenses such as catching and parrying, where ill equipped to stand the force of a bare-knuckle attack.

It became even more evident to me when I worked as a doorman in some of Johannesburg’s roughest nightclubs. The traditional defenses taught like blocking punches with forearms in traditional martial arts or catching or parrying in boxing where impossible to pull off in that environment, which at the best of times where unpredictable. I remember one night witnessing a fight outside a nightclub where one of the people involved just balled up while raising his arms and covering his hands over his head. The person punching him was having a hard time getting through! He then made a fatal mistake by turning his back; a natural instinct that I now know is almost pre-programmed in all beginners I coach at my gym. Nevertheless it gave me a glimpse, even though by pure accident of something amazing to come.

I began playing around with some covering ideas the following week in the gym. It was a slow process as I found myself reverting back into the habit of using traditional forms of defense. However I was immediately getting hit less somewhat of a contentious issue I had for a long time with traditional forms of dense that where so widely taught. Several nose breaks over the years, and a multitude of migraine headaches, made me realize that finding a way to get hit less in the head would be a good idea. Since 1998 when I first began playing around with CM® until present it has developed into a complete system of defense and attack. In the short time it has been available to the international market, martial artists, coaches, professional fighters in MMA, Muay Thai and Western boxing have all used it to great success. The unsolicited testimonials we have received from people worldwide speak for themselves.

The CM® has even progressed and evolved into applications beyond the martial arts and is now widely used by members of Law Enforcement, Special Force Military and Policing Units as well as members involved in protection details. Yet there is still allot about CM® people don’t know and this is the reason for this Blog. Added to this I will use this Blog to answer the most frequent questions relating to the CM® Defense Program as a whole, as well as latest innovations, tips and the progression of it’s past development to date. Writing allows me to define details often hard to capture on a DVD instructional. However I believe that this Blog coupled with the current DVD instructionals available at will enable anyone to take CM®, incorporate it into their existing arsenal and thereby elevate their game to the next level.


Rodney “Chico” King